Shazam App’s Unbiased Review by an Avid User

Don’t you just hate it when you know the beat of a particular song but cannot seem to remember the name or the artist? Sometimes, it may not be an unfamiliar song. You may have just forgotten the name and the artist who sang it. It may be at the tip of your tongue and you’re ready to share how great the song is. The only problem is that you have forgotten the title. It would have been easier if you can remember the artist. But if that is the case, most people are left with no choice but to forget about the song.

Like this if you use Shazam

Fortunately, there’s Shazam. This app is a music genius. It will help you remember those songs that you may have forgotten and learn all the new songs that you may hear. It’s a great app for every music junkie out there. Before moving to an unbiased review, we would like to inform you that you can now also get Shazam for PC using our tutorial.

What is Shazam?

Shazam is a company that started way back in 2002. It began as a music recommendation service but it then evolved to a music identification application. As of today, its database contains as much as 11 million tracks with songs dating way back in the 1950s. in just a click of a button, you’ll be able to access this wealth of a music database so that you can widen your musical knowledge and share the music you love.

Important: If you are planning to run Shazam on your PC download the following software first. You need to install it and then create an account to set it up properly.

Download it from here

This app is interesting because it that tells you the name, artist and album of a particular song at a click of a button. Just download it on your phone, hold up your phone when a song is playing and it will magically tell you the title and artist of the song.

If you’re wondering where the word ‘shazam’ came from, it is a word coined by Billy Batson in a comic book. In the story, he shouts this word (shazam) whenever he transforms himself into Captain Marvel. From here, the word ‘shazam’ became connected with magic or instant transformation.

This is exactly what the Shazam app is for. It helps users instantly identify a certain song by simply listening to it. It’s easy to use. Just open the app and hold your phone or tablet’s speakers to the song and it will instantly access its servers. From there, it will show the title of the song and the artist who sang it. In this way, it works like magic.

The magic of Shazam does not stop there. Aside from the fact that it allows you to instantly share music, it also helps you to download the song or watch it on video. Upon searching, it will also direct you to an iTunes download and some Youtube videos. And if you choose to upgrade to Encore, you’ll also have access to other features.

Where Can You Get It?

Shazam is available on different platforms. It is available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones, iPad and Windows 8. You can download it in your respective gadget store. Install it on your gadget and you’re ready to go. As we mentioned earlier, Shazam for PC is also available with us.

How Does It Work?

Once it’s installed, all you need to do is launch it. Upon launching, you’ll see a big Shazam icon with a blue background. You’ll see the word ‘touch to Shazam’ on top. Once you click on the icon, your gadget will go into ‘absorbing’ mode. This means that it will record outside sounds. This feature is the reason why the app is able to record songs and compare it to its database. Once it does this, it will show you the album along with the song title and the artist. You may also get some additional information on the artist’s tours and concerts.

Key Features

Aside from the basic things that it can do, you’ll also love its other features.

  • First, it has a tagging feature that allows you to access songs based on tags.
  • Second, it has a sharing feature so that you can do more than remember the name of the song, you can also share it.
  • Third, it also has access to iTunes so that you can download the song after searching.
  • Fourth, it has a discovery feature so that you can explore different songs from different genres.
  • And last, there is a Youtube feature so that you can view the song on video before you download it.

You can get more features if you decide to go for the Encore version.

  • First, there is Lyric Play that creates a sing-along environment for your songs. It is a great app for those impromptu karaoke with friends especially if you are a music lover.
  • Second, there is a recommendation feature so that you can find songs that are similar to what you’re listening to.
  • Third is the Spotify integration which allows you to download the songs from Spotify instead of recording it from an outside environment. Just load the song on Spotify and the app will give you its details.

The Encore version is available for only $5.99.

What You’ll Like About Shazam

Shazam has a huge database of songs and artists. You’ll be surprised that it can even identify songs from less popular or independent artists.

What You Won’t Like About Shazam

I know that most people will agree with this. This app is only around 50% accurate. Most of the time, it does not return the right song. But it is still better than having nothing.

editor’s note: It’s been quite a while since we published this article. Shazam’s programming has improved, and they’ve grown their library of songs substantially. It’s way beyond 50% accurate now. The only problem is that it only recognizes recorded, released versions of songs. Still can’t sing to it yourself!

The Verdict

Shazam is a great app for music lovers. It allows you to not only determine the title, artist and album of a particular song but also let you explore different songs and share them with your friends. Overall, it is a great app. And since it’s free, anyone who downloads it will really have nothing to lose.

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