Online Shazam – is it possible to identify songs online?

We have all heard of Shazam App by now, but we know it as an app for mobile phones. Many a times users are looking for online Shazam or in other words they are looking for the same functionality that is offered by the app called online Shazam. You will run into many sites that will say that they can identify songs …

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Shazam for PC Free Download

Shazam is a mobile phone app for identifying music being played in the surroundings. It was founded by Chris Barton, Philip Inghelbrecht, Avery Wang and Dhiraj Mukherjee in the year 1999. It uses the microphone of a mobile phone to sample the music being played nearby. This sample is then matched in a database to find out what song is …

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How Shazam Works

We’ve all been there – in the store, in the car – we just catch a song and we just can’t place it. Maybe it’s an old favorite that we just can’t place, or it could be something brand new that we want to hear again. And since 2008, we’ve been turning to Shazam to aid our memories and answer, …

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