Shazam for Windows 10 PC

Microsoft estimates well over half a billion devices are running Windows 10. It’s the fastest-growing operating system. And many of those devices are also used to play music, to excite, soothe, relax or encourage the user.

Shazam is a great app that can help you identify the song you’re listening to. But how can you use it on Windows?

Where’d Shazam Go?

If you ever looked in the past, you may have seen that Shazam was, indeed available in the Windows store. But now? It’s sadly disappeared. Why?

Well, we don’t have any official answers to that. Shazam announced in February 2017 that they were discontinuing support for Windows. It was pulled from the store and from Shazam’s webpage.

They didn’t say why, but of course we expect that it just wasn’t getting enough downloads. It probably wasn’t worthwhile creating a version for Windows.

It Wasn’t That Great For Windows 10, Anyway

The Shazam for PC app was actually designed to run on Windows 8, not Windows 10. It was never updated to run as a Windows 10-native app. Did it still work? Yes, it did. You probably never noticed much of a difference. But it wasn’t optimized to take advantage of the improvements that Windows 10 offered. That, in itself, should have been a sign that Shazam wasn’t convinced they would continue a Windows version.

If you already had Shazam installed before it was pulled from the store, it will keep running, unless Microsoft makes updates that make it incompatible. Usually that means it will work for a while, but not forever. But it also means that Shazam isn’t being updated, and any bugs or issues in the last version aren’t going to get fixed.

That can be a big deal if you, like so many others, hears a song on the radio and just can’t place it. Or maybe you just need to find the lyrics or the artist quickly to win a bet!

Didn’t Have Shazam Before It Disappeared?

You’re not out of luck if you still want to find a way to have Shazam on your Windows 10 PC. There’s a highly risky way of doing it, and a safe way.

The risky way is to find it on a torrent or a site that has the installer for the old version. Yes, there’s a few of those around. But you never know if these are legitimate files. Many sites and torrents try to infect your system with viruses.

Why run this risk, especially to install software that’s no longer supported? Again, it was never native to Windows 10 and it’s no longer updated.

But there’s always a better way. You can use an Android emulator to install the same version that you get from Google’s Play Store, and which is still supported by Shazam! Our recommendation for an emulator is Bluestacks. This program will let you run Shazam as well as nearly any other Android app right on your desktop or laptop PC.

Find out all about installing Bluestacks and Shazam in our installation guide. From there, you’ll also be able to figure out how to install whatever other app you might want, from Clash of Clans to Candy Crush.


If you want to be able to identify music right from your PC without having to search for your phone, you’re in luck. Even though Shazam is no longer available from the Windows store, you can still run it easily with Bluestacks for Windows 10!

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