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Shazam is a mobile phone app for identifying music being played in the surroundings. It was founded by Chris Barton, Philip Inghelbrecht, Avery Wang and Dhiraj Mukherjee in the year 1999. It uses the microphone of a mobile phone to sample the music being played nearby. This sample is then matched in a database to find out what song is it. Shazam, in short, answers one very common question that gets asked in a group “What song is this?“. Starting as an Internet startup, it has gained a lot of popularity and business.

Shazam has exclusively been there for smartphones. However, even for nerds who stick to their computers it is sometimes necessary to find out what song is playing on the radio. If you want to use Shazam on your PC or Mac, currently their is no official app. However, we have found a method that works flawlessly as long as you have a microphone in your PC or laptop.

Shazam is offered in three different types of packages as follows:

  1. Shazam as a free-to-try software
  2. Shazam Encore a pay-to-play program
  3. Shazam RED similar to encore but part of the income is donated to charity.

Get Shazam for PC

We are now going to jump directly to the tutorial that lets you download Shazam for PC and get started right away. This tutorial was prepared for Windows PC, so if you want to use it on Mac, it is YMMV. However, we are going to post another tutorial for Mac OSX based computers.

In order to download Shazam on your PC follow the steps mentioned in the video (for those who can’t see the video please read the steps after video).

Important: It is recommended for a smooth download to follow the instructions given here. We have looked into compatibility issues and if you are not able to get it to work then don’t skip steps.

Before we go there you need to install the following software on your computer.

Download it from here

. You need to install it and then create an account to set it up properly.
Step 1: You need to download an Android emulator called Bluestacks. You can download it from here.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded and installed Bluestacks, you need to run it and let it load. There are sometimes bluestacks errors for various reasons that you might have to go through.

Step 3: On the Bluestacks landing page (home page) you will see a search icon. Click on the search icon and a new dialog box will come.

Step 4: Enter Shazam in the dialog box and let it search for it. Once the search completes, just download from any of the stores. Remember there is only 1 free version of this app. Everything else requires you to pay for it. It costs about USD 5 to purchase it.

Step 5: The download process will shortly end and it will launch the installation of Shazam.

Step 6: When you see the message that Shazam has been installed, you can start using Shazam on PC.

Now that you got Shazam working on computer, you should probably tell your friends about us. If you run into any problem, remember that you can always leave a comment to ask us questions.

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  1. I installed it but it can’t find any song. Can you help me please?

  2. does not work anymore.
    What’s happened to this sofware?

  3. I do search for the frase *Shazam* but nothing found :S

  4. hope it works, about to try

  5. i cant connect it to server what i have to do?

  6. I have Shazam on my Android Smartphone and now I’m downloading it on my PC 🙂 …

  7. requirements. Recognitions pro suggestion like operative, balanced, explanatory as well as moreover exuberance thinkings about this issue to Gloria. egeedaaggdbc

  8. i don’t see the search box on the bluestacks site.

  9. hw axatly do i gt th actual software? Nedaa pls help out hala bck

  10. I d/l Shazam on my PC cauz my mobile phone is slow/freezes. And it seems the same symptoms are applied to my PC!

  11. jajaja que belleza de app esta entre unas de mis favoritas

  12. soooo coool

  13. It works for me but does crashes after it detects the song.

  14. Dang it the Comp is finished….

  15. i already installed bluestacks but when i tried to search i can’t find shazam.

  16. Not working for me!

  17. Matthijs Koelewijn

    When I do Search I couldn’t find any apps from shazam

  18. please activation shazam on my pc

  19. the music is the best

  20. make a dedicated pc app. anyone can use blustacks but the experience aint the same as a native application

  21. Man. Your software works like a charm. kudos. 🙂

  22. False the link doesn’t exist.

  23. It doesn’t detect my microphone. I detects some other microphone… I use the “Rear Mic” plug for my main mic. Can you please help me

  24. Hi, this is very cool and it definitely works (meaning I can “shazam” and identify music playing from my PC). But I have a question. In addition to identifying songs, what also happens is that the application “logs” your shazam for that song, and these metrics are now used by the music industry to decide which music to play on radio stations and which acts to book for shows. I’ve gone on the site, and I’ve noticed that when I shazam and identify a particular song, it *does not* register on the site. I don’t own a smartphone so I can’t confirm this, but maybe you know since you developed this software. Is it true that if you’re on a PC (and maybe a Mac also?) that it does not register on the back end of this, but instead only mimics the front end of the application? It’s fine, because most people just want to identify songs, but I was just wondering.

    Sorry that question was so long-winded. Thanks very much!

    • Hi, please disregard that email (and delete, if possible). I shazam’d other songs and it did log them in, so it works just fine. I think with the one I tried, I inadvertently shazam’d multiple times, which it won’t log (as it shouldn’t). Sorry to bother you and again, thanks so much for this software!

      • Hi Julie,

        No problem at all. It’s good to be skeptic on the interwebs. I am glad it worked for you. May we get a share on your facebook for this page?

  25. how do I download this?

  26. how do i install shazam after downloading bluestacks?

  27. if i search for shazam, it requires to sign up. when i went to signing up, it is showing that i have typed wrong password. so for verification bluestacks wants to send verification code. but the verification code is not comming in my no. what is the problem?! How can I solve it & install shazam?!

  28. now I have registered successfully. but i canit install shazam !

  29. on my Ipad shazam doesn’t work .
    Under the Shazame icon stands ” wait…”
    if i touch the icon .. nothing happens
    any idea ??

  30. Killian Mac Donald

    Hey man,

    I have completed all the steps above, I have Shazam on my PC. I have the app working correctly, It will not detect any songs what so ever.I’ve tried soundcloud and other music websites. a I cant seem to find where I am going wrong?

    Can you please help?

    Many thanks!!

  31. How can i get the shazam list i have on my cellphone
    into the computer
    I’ve allready installed shazam on my PC

  32. For PC? Ha ha!

  33. whenever i click download here it takes me to backup my pc im not downloading that to download shazm help me

  34. how long it takes to download BlueStacks. I’ m waiting…

  35. How long to install? I’ m waiting for hours

  36. I cant install the bluestacks app

  37. Good job ! Everything works wonderful, thanks ! I don’t know why, at first didn’t work. I have to uninstall Bluestacks and then to download it again (this time from the link you provided) and reinstall.

  38. why do i have to download this Backup software first?
    or even at all?

  39. Barnitiu Cristian

    Verry Gooood.Thank You.

  40. Instead of downloading shazam I get the BackupPC link, what’s wrong?

  41. not work ,becouse pc dont have microphone

  42. Espero poder utilizá-lo por muito tempo!!!

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